Third Victim (Stephanie Chalice Backstory 3)

3rd victim Chalicebs3Yes, Chalice fans, Third Victim is on the cusp. If you enjoyed First Kill and Second Chance, you’ll just flat out die for Third Victim.

The Back Stories feature NYPD Detective Stephanie Chalice in the days before she made the big time. She’s righteous, rambunctious, and oh so ready … for anything. Join her in Third Victim. She’s funnier, ballsier, and just plain hell-bent for justice.

She’s taken her first life, turned a sorely needed vacation into a nightmare, and is once again ready to mess with the wicked. When a bomb goes off in a house of worship, she questions the bomber’s MO and the evidence staring her in the face. Rejecting the obvious conclusion, Chalice leaps headfirst into an investigation with no obvious suspects and clues that stymie NYPD’s best and brightest.

Don’t hesitate—you can preorder Chalice’s third Back Story right now.

Buy it now:


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