Second Chance (Stephanie Chalice Backstory 2)

2nd chance Chalicebs2Rookie NYPD detective Stephanie Chalice has taken her first life, a righteous kill in the line of duty. When her CO orders her to take time off, Chalice hops a jet to South Beach with her girl pal Tay for a little R&R but soon finds herself caught up in a homicide investigation. Chalice runs afoul of a merciless Jamaican drug lord named Donovan who hunts her across the Florida Everglades. With no jurisdiction and only her wits to rely upon, will Chalice be able to bring the case to a close before Donovan’s noose tightens around her throat?

The Back Stories feature NYPD Detective Stephanie Chalice in the days before you first met her. She’s righteous, rambunctious, and oh so ready . . . for anything. Join her in Second Chance as she makes her bones as a rookie detective.

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