Stephanie Chalice

1st Kill Chalicebs1

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Chalice is back, and she’s accomplished what women all over the world have always dreamed of: she’s gotten younger. The Back Stories feature NYPD Detective Stephanie Chalice in the days before you first met her. She’s righteous, rambunctious, and oh so ready . . . for anything.

A woman is dead, a suspect is in custody, and the case seems ironclad, but all is not as it appears. Chalice soon finds herself embroiled in a deadly game of fraud, conspiracy, and deception. The body count is about to rise and the only thing standing between the murderer and his next victim is a headstrong rookie detective with a sixth sense for solving crime.

2nd chance Chalicebs2

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Rookie NYPD detective Stephanie Chalice has taken her first life, a righteous kill in the line of duty. When her CO orders her to take time off, Chalice hops a jet to South Beach with her girl pal Tay for a little R&R but soon finds herself caught up in a homicide investigation. Chalice runs afoul of a merciless Jamaican drug lord named Donovan who hunts her across the Florida Everglades. With no jurisdiction and only her wits to rely upon, will Chalice be able to bring the case to a close before Donovan’s noose tightens around her throat?

The Back Stories feature NYPD Detective Stephanie Chalice in the days before you first met her. She’s righteous, rambunctious, and oh so ready . . . for anything. Join her in Second Chance as she makes her bones as a rookie detective.

3rd victim Chalicebs3

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Yes, Chalice fans, Third Victim is on the cusp. If you enjoyed First Kill and Second Chance, you’ll just flat out die for Third Victim.

The Back Stories feature NYPD Detective Stephanie Chalice in the days before she made the big time. She’s righteous, rambunctious, and oh so ready … for anything. Join her in Third Victim. She’s funnier, ballsier, and just plain hell-bent for justice.

She’s taken her first life, turned a sorely needed vacation into a nightmare, and is once again ready to mess with the wicked. When a bomb goes off in a house of worship, she questions the bomber’s MO and the evidence staring her in the face. Rejecting the obvious conclusion, Chalice leaps headfirst into an investigation with no obvious suspects and clues that stymie NYPD’s best and brightest.


don't close Chalice1

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Three very different women have been murdered and NYPD Detective Stephanie Chalice wants to know why. Her case begins on the Roosevelt Island tram. The conductor has been shot, but lying next to him is the real mystery: a woman who might appear to have died of natural causes if not for the handwritten note stuffed in her mouth that simply reads “Look back!” When a second woman is found dead with a rag in her mouth and another cryptic note found nearby, Chalice realizes that a psychopath is stalking Manhattan, on the prowl for a very special type of woman. Part of the murderer’s twisted game is leaving intentional clues for the police, clues designed not only to taunt, but also to do something much worse. Chalice will uncover startling truths about who she really, but will it help her to discover the killer’s real purpose before another woman dies?

ransom beach Chalice2

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NYPD’s street savvy detective Stephanie Chalice is back and not a minute too soon. Her newest nemesis is a con artist and bloodthirsty killer, a chameleon able to change her identity at will, a ghost known only as Black. Chalice is called into action when a billionaire’s ward, an autistic child, is abducted from beneath the nose of his well trained bodyguard. Black’s reason for choosing this mark is not the obvious one. The kidnap victim is no ordinary child; he has never learned to read or write, and yet is capable of channeling the prophecies of his long dead ancestor; those that have long been memorialized, and those now thought to be ages lost. Chalice is put to the test, forced to decipher clues that defy explanation. Will she be able to outthink her diabolical opponent before it’s too late?


brain vault Chalice3

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Detective Chalice is called into action when a unconscious man is found in Central Park. Barely alive, John Doe is clad only in a torn bed sheet and has sustained a life threatening wound. His body is covered in scars, essentially a tapestry chronicling his history as a torture victim. Stranger still, a human skull lies just inches away. Chalice has just two leads in this case, a skull that has been sterilized and found to be evidence free, and an comatose witness to a murder—tough odds, even for NYPD’s best and brightest.

honored dead Chalice4

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OUR HONORED DEAD: A bullet races toward Detective Stephanie Chalice, a bullet meant to kill not one, but two. Chalice is pushed to her physical and mental limits as she investigates four murders, each with its own unique criminal signature. The murder trail takes her from Ground Zero in lower Manhattan to the icy narrows beneath the Verrazano Bridge as she pursues a villain, who is both clever and diabolical. A solitary strand of evidence ties the four murders together but is it enough for our hero to go on? Lives hang in the balance as the clock clicks down toward zero. Is Chalice’s time about to run out?


baby girl doe Chalice5

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Everyone deserves a well-earned vacation, don’t they? Guess again!
Plans have been made and the bags are packed but Detective Stephanie Chalice is having about as much fun as Michael Vick at an ASPCA fundraiser.

The new story finds Chalice and Lido on the East End of Long Island, vacationing with Max, their new arrival. Things go wrong from the very start. Their vacation rental burns to the ground, bodies pile up, and just to make things interesting, Lido . . . All I’ll say is that you’ll never believe it.

Chalice may be out of her jurisdiction but she’s never out of questions or determination and soon connects two unsolved homicides. As always, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and her initial findings plunge her deeper and deeper into the most extraordinary investigation of her career.


compromised Chalice6Two shots ring out from a rooftop. When the smoke clears, Detective Chalice is down and her rookie partner is dead. She’s sustained a traumatic head injury that has left her suffering with seizures and a compromised memory. Hurt, raw, and angry, she’s out for vengeance and will let nothing stand in her way as she pursues the shooter, and a psychopath who has taken the life and dignity from a promising high school student.

Coming Soon!



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