Death by Degree

death by degreeDeath comes in many forms. We all hope to go in our sleep at a ripe old age. The victims in these stories will be less fortunate. I’ve put together three of my favorite tales for you to enjoy, and you won’t have to weep for the dead, they all had it coming.

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Screwed by the Pooch

screwed by the poochWho is Lonnie Ormandy and why is she getting so much attention? Life among the rich, the arrogant, the corrupt—Lonnie plays in all three worlds as she weaves her plan of revenge. Can you guess her secret before the curtain falls?

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The Death of Red Rocket

death of red rocketRehoboth Beach is a far cry from glamorous. It’s an old-world seaside town with Coney Island-esque mystique, a rickety boardwalk, and small-town shops that sell inexpensive tourist items.

But for Lindsay Harding it was more. The Yale Law School grad had one last summer to enjoy before beginning a fulltime job at a prestigious Washington D.C. law firm.

Connor Patrick was a man apart from the crowd, shunned for being different, lonely, and socially awkward, he was the kind of person you’d avoid if there were any possibility of doing so.

Lindsay was the girl with everything to live for. Connor was the boy without a reason to live. A twist of fate and a plunge into the macabre—find out how their paths became inexorably intertwined in The Death of Red Rocket.

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