Palindrome (The Palindrome Trilogy Book 1)

Palindrome1PALINDROME: Trilogy – Book One

It’s a hot summer night on Long Island. The Suds Shack is packed—lots of kids partying at a bar. In the crowd is a girl who is different from anyone else.

A guy on the prowl—plop goes a pill into her drink. Her world spins out of control.

He thought he had her; now he’s dead, and she’s coming for his accomplice. They picked the wrong girl to mess with.

She can look like you or me, or anyone else she may choose to become. Lexa and her brother Ax have a special talent, a unique gift.

In Book One, Lexa and Ax find themselves entangled in a web of murder, drugs, and manipulation.

*This story also appeared in Murder 9.0

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