Palindrome1J. R. Rain
“Red-hot reading, hypnotic, atmospheric…Lawrence Kelter has a rare gift for intricate plotting, swift pacing, and well-drawn characters that jump off the page. A helluva psychological thriller–and the first in what promises to be a killer new series.”
–J.R. Rain, USA Today best-selling author of Moon Dance and Dark Horse
J. Carson Black
“Lawrence Kelter’s PALINDROME is a grabber from start to finish–an addictive thriller that drew me in from the very start. Fast-paced, brilliantly-plotted, with a smart, sympathetic heroine whose feet have just enough clay to make things interesting, PALINDROME is one of the best books I’ve read this year.”
–J. Carson Black, best-selling author of THE SHOP and ICON

Dani Amore

“Lawrence Kelter is my kind of writer: blistering action, unforgettable characters, and dialogue sharp enough to draw blood. Kelter gives more bang for the buck than any thriller writer I know.”
–Dani Amore, best-selling author of Dead Wood
Rick Murcer
“Lawrence Kelter just keeps getting better and better. Fast pace, action, and humor; what more can you ask for in a great read? This one’s a must!”
–Rick Murcer, NY Times best-selling author of Caribbean Moon
Debbi Mack
“Palindrome pulls you in from the first page and won’t let go, with a story of psychological suspense and paranormal characters that readers will remember, long after the conclusion.”

–Debbi Mack, NY Times best-selling author of the Sam McRae mystery series

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