Rum Shot (A John Angel Short Story) # 1

rum shot angel1A beautiful woman is dead. The victim was not just anyone, she was a British spy and JFK’s mistress. The year is 1963. Miami Beach Private Investigator John Angel, is brought in by MI5 to investigate the murder of their operative. Angel is trapped dead center in the middle of a conspiracy that involves, the CIA, organized crime, and the Castro’s revolutionaries. Angel puts his own life on the line in his attempt to apprehend the murderer while the Cuban Missile Crisis rages in the background.

**This 60-page story is also featured in The Killing Sands**

killing sand antho w dan amesThe Killing Sands

Sand, sun, waves, and unforgettable holiday journeys to heavenly bodies of water and exotic homes make up the dreams of summer, right? But not with these seven tales . . . far from it. Murder, blood, and death born from deception, hate, and lust are the norm for this gathering of beach yarns. Read them in the company of the light. They will force you to thank God that such scenes live only in the minds of authors . . . or do they?

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