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5.0 out of 5 stars The Killing Sands: An Anthology, June 7, 2012
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This review is from: The Killing Sands (Kindle Edition)
“The Killing Sands: An Anthology” is a collection of seven short stories written by seven different authors, some stories a little longer than others, that are all full of mystery and intrigue and take place by a body of water and a sandy beach. The seven authors are Rebecca Stroud, DaniAmore, GaryPonzo, LawrenceKelter, TraciHohenstein, Tim Ellis and RickMurcer.This collection is a chilling, engaging and well-written group of stories by skilled authors who know how to put together a good mystery with interesting characters and some surprising twists that come along just when you think you have everything figured out.

The stories included are:

killing sand antho w dan ames“A Lethal Connection” by Gary Ponzo
Detective Mike Barton and his partner Nate Jenson investigate the death of a man found among the rocks on a La Jolla, CA beach. The picture and note found in the dead man’s pocket makes Det. Barton especially sad.

“Bullet River” by Dani Amore
Housesitter and guy who “retrieves” illegal and dangerous people and things is staying at a beautiful home overlooking a river in Florida. Known as “The Garbage Collector” he takes the kayak out one day and comes across the body of a dead woman in the river, and when he turns the body around, he realizes that it’s someone he knows.

“The Lighthouse” by Rick Murcer
In this well-written story, Chase Andrews and his girlfriend, Maggie Burrows, often visited the Little Sable Point Lighthouse that was their special place. The lighthouse overlooked Lake Michigan and on their final night there tragedy strikes and life changes forever. As police in the small town try to solve the crime, a familiar detective from Rick Murcer’s books is called in to help.

“The Honeymooners: Jekyll Island-Book 1” by Traci Hohenstein
A truly chilling story of a serial killer who is murdering couples on their honeymoons. The story follows three newlywed couples who are honeymooning at an ocean-front bed and breakfast. As news of the honeymoon killer makes the newspapers and television news, each of the three couples worries about being next on the killer’s list.

“As You Sow, So Shall You Reap” by Tim Ellis
A very scary story of Verona Izatt, a woman who lived alone in a cottage by the sea in Wales. Her aunt had left her the cottage that she loved, and Verona was trying to write for a living. Verona’s body is found with her lips sewn together and her heart missing. It will take a lot of steps to find the killer, especially when police find that Verona hadn’t been truthful.

“Rum Shot” by Lawrence Kelter
This is a very well-written short story about a female spy who was the mistress of the President of the United States in 1963 and who turns up dead. It’s up to PI John Angel to find out why the woman was killed and who killed her. This takes place in Miami Beach, FL.

“Jinxed” by Rebecca Stroud
This is a very good story about several murders committed during spring break in Cocoa Beach, FL.
All of the victims are young women who are brutally stabbed to death. Police officer Scott McBride and his dog, Jinx, are on the lookout for the killer as is Scott’s girlfriend, Erin. The killer is closer than they know.

These are highly enjoyable stories that include suspense, mystery and pages of chills. All seven are very well-written and should appeal to readers who enjoy the suspense/thriller genre of books. Highly recommended.

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