Frank Mango

kiss of the devil Review
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By Book Lover on November 13, 2011

Format: Kindle Edition

KISS OF THE DEVIL’S BREATH is the very first mystery to feature PI Frank Mango. This book jumps out of the starting gate like a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby. The first chapter setup may be one of the most exciting I’ve ever read (a sniper with his rifle aimed at the red carpet during the Oscar ceremony). The pace just builds from there. Mango is not one of these modern age wonder boy detectives. He’s a throw-back who follows the clues and pounds the pavement relentlessly. There are several obstacles in Mango’s path, and forces work to befuddle the determined gumshoe at every turn. The characters in this book are among the most unusual I’ve come across in a long time and I enjoyed them thoroughly. Mango’s discovery of a will-manipulating drug also makes for very interesting reading. Lastly, Mango’s sense of humor deserves honorable mention-his comments led to full-scale belly laughs. The story takes place in the current day but the author has gone to painstaking trouble to produce a hard-boiled mystery in the true tradition of the genre. It conjures up memories of Chandler and Hammett. Read the opening chapters in the preview–you’ll be hooked.
man candy, frank mango, lawrence Review
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on November 14, 2012
I really like the detective plotting in the Frank Mango stories. This was just too short, that’s why 4 stars. I really liked the old office scenes in the hotel in the first Frank Mango story, they were funny, and I missed in this story that he no longer had an office there. I think the author should bring that back. But in either case, really, it was just too short. But it’s not like the author didn’t warn that it was a short. So if you like Frank Mango stories, you’ll like it.

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