Out of the Ashes Update

As of this month, the first draft of Out of the Ashes, the story that teams up Stephanie Chalice and Chloe Mather, is finished.  There is still editing to do but Mather and Chalice are one step closer to solving the mystery.

out of the ashes, stephanie Chalice, Chloe Mather

After sustaining a life-threatening injury that has left her with a seizure disorder, Chalice embarks on a new job with and a new partner, a contemporary who’s a real piece of work. Meet Chloe Mather, a hard-hitting ex-marine with lots of baggage. She’s recovering from the brutal murder of her boyfriend at the hands of the serial killer she was investigating. Both women have something to prove and are given the opportunity to do just that. Follow Chalice and Mather as they work their first case together. The world of law enforcement may never be the same. 

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