Writing Now: The Last Collar with Frank Zafiro

frank zafiro, lawrence kelter, the last collar

I’m writing a new detective story together with Frank Zafiro.

It’s called The Last Collar and is about a woman found strangled in her home, and the investigating detective, who is struggling with severe personal issues.

Release date should be early 2016.

You can find out more about Frank at FrankZafiro.com or visit his Amazon.com page.

Frank’s latest novel, written with Eric Beetner, entitled The Backlist, is now available for pre-order from Down & Out Books.  It will be available on September 15 for $4.99 but if you pre-order, you can get it for only $2.99.

About The Backlist

the backlist, frank zafiro, eric beetnerWhen the mob finds itself on hard times and has to lay people off, the boss decides to give two different hitters separate lists of “overdue accounts”—a backlist—to see who distinguishes themselves enough to remain on the payroll.

The sharp-tongued Bricks and the hapless, eager to please Cam find themselves faced with challenges they never imagined when they got into the business.

But there’s no other choice than to settle out the names on…The Backlist.


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