Stephanie Chalice & 50 Shades of Grey

Detective Stephanie Chalice has a new book coming out.  It’s actually the 6th in the series of Chalice thrillers by Lawrence Kelter, not including her 3 great backstory novels.  Her newest story will be released on August 25th so we’d like to share with you some insight into the smart, beautiful, snarky, crime fighter by way of her mother – and 50 Shades of Grey.

smokingMa: “You never smoked, right?”

Chalice: “Ma! How can you ask a question like that? You know how I feel about smoking.”

Ma: “Well now, sure … I mean when you were a teenager. All kids sneak cigarettes.”

Chalice: “No. Never.”

Ma: “You’re telling the truth?”

Chalice: “Yes!”

Ma: “Okay, I believe you, but I know about you and Frankie Bono.”

Chalice: Oh shit. Here it comes. “What are you talking about?” Damn, I feel like I have one of those cat who ate the canary expressions on my face.  

Ma: “Don’t you BS me, Stephanie Marie Chalice. I knew all about it.”

Chalice: Should I deny it? Nah, what the hell for? “How did you know?”

Ma: “Stephanie, Do you think I was born yesterday? Do you think I didn’t see what they wrote about you in your high school yearbook? Bright and beautiful, she always makes the scene, but look out boys, she’s Frankie’s queen.”

Chalice: “Jesus, you saw that?”

Ma: Chuckles. “Saw it? Your father and I had some of our biggest laughs over it.”

Chalice: “So why didn’t you say something?”

Ma: “Because you broke up with him soon afterward. But I knew.”

Chalice: She knew? How could she have known? I’m a cop’s daughter—I’ve always been careful to cover my tracks. “You’re full of it.”

Ma: “I’m full of it?”

Chalice: “You don’t know anything. You’re making it up.”

Ma: “You think you and your father were the only detectives in the house? It rubs off, you know. I’ve got you dead to rights.”

Chalice: “Seriously?”
Ma: “Francine Delgado’s mother told me all about it. Francine used to follow the two of you home from school every day. She had such a crush on Frankie. Her mother said that she used to cry herself to sleep every night.”

Chalice: “Francine Delgado?”

Ma: “Yes.”

Chalice: “Little Francine with acne?”

Ma: “Yes!”

Chalice: “No wonder she hated me.”

Ma: “Don’t feel too bad. She just married a football player, someone on the New York Jets.”

Chalice: “You’re kidding?”

_DSC0811_-2_-3_tonemappedMa: “Well, it’s true. She must’ve found a good dermatologist, because I saw her wedding picture and she looked beautiful.”

Chalice: “Really? That’s nice. I’m so happy for her.”

Ma: “Speaking of marriage, when are you and Gus going to make it official? You’re wasting time.”

Chalice: “Soon.”

Ma: “You’d better make it very soon, before Francine Delgado’s mother starts calling you the puttana cop.”


Chalice: “She wouldn’t?”

Ma: “Oh yes she would. That woman carries a grudge like no one else, and she knows how to gossip. You made her daughter miserable, and I think she wants revenge.”

Chalice: “Oh let her talk. Who cares?”

Ma: “I care. You don’t live in the neighborhood anymore. You think I want to hear things like that?”

The doorbell rings

Ma: “Who the hell is that?

Chalice: “That’s probably Gus. You can ask him yourself.”

Chalice opens the door to find her partner and boyfriend Gus.

Gus Lido:“What’s wrong?”

Chalice: “Are you going to marry me or what? People are starting to talk.”

Gus Lido: “Talk about what? Who’s talking?”

Chalice: “You’re in deep shit. Mrs. Delgado called me a puttana.”

Gus Lido: “She what?”

50ShadesofGreyCoverArtChalice: “The talk around town is that I’m a big slut.”

Ma: “It didn’t help any that you and Frankie Bono played grab-ass in the twelfth grade.”

Chalice: “I’ve had enough. I’m going to have a martini and read a book.”

Ma: “Which one?”

Chalice: “The one about the ingénue and the alcoholic, Fifty Shades of Grey Goose. This interview is over!”


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