5 Stars for Compromised – “Suspenseful”


By grandma lyn on August 16, 2015

compromised Chalice6I am a big fan of Mr. Kelter’s books. Both Chalice and Mathers. The beginning of the book was a shocker. I am not a big fan of really bad things happening to series characters so I was a little reluctant to keep reading. While not everything was resolved in this book, I am optimistic that there will be another Chalice book. I don’t like my reviews to rehash plots, you can read what the book is about on the purchase page. I mostly like to comment on the writing style and the ability of the writer to keep your attention and to make you care about the characters in the book. Mr. Kelter has always been able to do that. Again I have my little quirks and he did have Chalice kind of go off the deep end a few chapters into the book. At first I was irritated by the stupidity and the selfishness of the move but it did add to the suspense of the book. All in all, if you are a fan of good mystery writing with a little romance and humor, this is a great book to read. Can’t wait for the next in the Chloe Mathers series this winter.

Coming August 25th!  Pre-order Now!



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