Doug Stewart Talks Backlists and Rebranding

dougI am most grateful to CWA for this opportunity to mention my two new books but also to raise a topic of more general interest – rebranding. Since I signed up with American publishers MP Publishing, my eyes have been opened. They have refreshing views on selling books and I saw a new world out there – one that perhaps other authors with solid backlists will find of interest.

I explain this in more detail below but firstly, my publishers are releasing my new mystery thriller Hard Place in mid-summer 2015. It concerns Det. Inspector Todd “Ratso” Holtom’s obsession with bringing down a London-based drug baron. Over 90% of the world’s heroin supply comes from Helmand Province in Afghanistan. Back in 2001, when the USA and UK got involved in fighting the Taleban in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Tony Blair promised destruction of the poppy crop as part of the rationale for the War on Terror. According to SIGAR (Special Inspector-General for Afghanistan Reconstruction), destroying the Helmand crop (by fire or spraying) might have prevented an estimated one million deaths from heroin abuse.

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