Secrets of the Kill

secrets of the kill, lawrence kelterA new hero arrives. Enter FBI Special Agent Chloe Mather.

Chloe Mather will make her debut on September 1, 2014 in Secrets of the Kill, the first book in a series of Thrillers. With Chloe Mather I’ve created a female protagonist with complex attributes. She struggles with PTSD, and the consequence of a childhood spent without a father. But this is a woman who accepts no pity. First and foremost she is an FBI agent with a moral code equaled by none. She learned a lot from her tour of duty in Afghanistan as one of the first women Marines to be deployed into an active combat area as a member of the newly formed Female Engagement Team.

With no further ado, here’s a brief teaser for Mather’s first SECRETS OF THE KILL.

Two governments with one objective, stop the spread of terrorism at any cost. America and Israel, lifelong allies in an age-old war.

To win this battle they will have to sell their souls.

A mutilated body has been found, a body not meant to be discovered. But now that it has, Pandora’s box is open and secrets never to be learned are spilling out.

An Israeli woman living in New York has been murdered. She has been raped and butchered, an outrage that ignites a fuse that burns all the way back to Tel Aviv.

Enter FBI Agent Chloe Mather, a hard-charging ex-Marine with no sympathy for the kind of maggot who could commit such a violent atrocity.

What begins as a challenging homicide becomes more, much more and Mather is pulled into an investigation, which involves the mob, Israeli intelligence, and a radical terrorist faction.

They say that blood is thicker than water but is it thicker than the bonds of patriotism? Mather will ponder this question and many others as she fights to bring an innocent woman’s murderer to justice, and prevent a geopolitical atrocity from taking place on American shores.

I hope that you’re intrigued by Chloe Mather and would like to read more about her first case.


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