Baby Girl Doe By @LarryKelter #EXCERPT #GUESTPOST

lawrence kelterKeeping a series fresh as the characters age is no small task. You don’t want your protagonist to age so quickly that they become irrelevant before their time, and you don’t want them to age so slowly that the series story line seems static.

When you write a series you’re not just concentrating on a three or four hundred page plotline, but on the back-story as well, which might span as many as ten or twenty books—God willing.

I suppose that every author goes about doing this in his or her own way. In the case of the Stephanie Chalice Mystery Series, my protagonist evolves by way of milestones, and the life-changing events that transpire in each story.

There are currently five book available in the series: Don’t Close Your Eyes, Ransom Beach, The Brain Vault, Our Honored Dead, and most recently Baby Girl Doe. Before I continue to speak about keeping the series fresh I’d like to tell you a little about the protagonist and her cases to provide a frame of reference for those in your audience who are unfamiliar with the series.


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