Baby Girl Doe by Lawrence Kelter ~ Interview & Giveaway

Lawrence, thank you for joining me today.  Tell me about Detective Stephanie Chalice.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today. I’ve been writing the Stephanie Chalice Mystery Series for about ten years and it has given me a tremendous amount of pleasure. Chalice is not a dull girl. She’s witty and entertaining, savvy and intuitive. She has all the great attributes of an intriguing hero, including copious amounts of psychological baggage and complex relationships.

There are currently seven books, including two back stories in your Stephanie Chalice Thriller Series.  Are the books standalone or do they need to be read in order?  

Each of the five books and the two prequel novellas can stand on their own but I’d be lying if I didn’t disclose that reading them in order brings more to the experience. Chalice evolves through her experiences and the landmark events that take place in her life. Over the course of the five forward books she deals with the death of her father, a romance with her man-candy partner Gus Lido, marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth just to name a few. Chalice is an NYPD homicide detective, one of the department’s rising stars. She’s now somewhere just shy of thirty years old. I don’t really chronicle her birthdays—unlike true mortals she will stay young forever. I’m so envious.

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The Stephanie Chalice Backstories:

1st Kill Chalicebs1 2nd chance Chalicebs2 3rd victim Chalicebs3



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