The Writer’s View: Lawrence Kelter

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The view outside my window

What is a window but a portal to limitless inspiration. Sure, I have that room in my home that serves as Writer Central, a quiet place to gather my ideas and write, as well being shelter from the elements when the weather is unappealing, but writing in a vacuum… Not for me. I’m not one to sit there and let the world come to me via TV and the Internet. I have to go out and gather motivation by happenstance. In this day and age of blink-of-the-eye news reporting we’re all fed our current events with the same tasteless spoon—and isn’t that boring? My readers don’t want to hear the same stories from me that anyone else could have penned—they all want something unique. My worst nightmare would be for a reader to ask me, “Was your story based on such and such?” I’d much rather hear them say, “I couldn’t put your book down. There were so many twists and turns, and I had no idea where you were going until you tied it up all the loose ends.”

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